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Mark Penney Gallery - Located in Ucluelet, B.C., on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, this fine art gallery sells original artwork from career artists making significant works in Canada and internationally.

Webster Galleries - Established in 1979 Webster Galleris Inc. exhibits and extensive collection of all Canadian art including original oil and acrylic paintings, bronze, ceramic, stone sculptures, and Inuit art in a 10,000 square foot space. 

Gallery 88 - Fine Art sales of original contemporary and historical art, and quality framing.

Barkerville - National Historic Site is the largest living-hisotry museum in western North America.

Theatre Royal - Barkerville’s renowned Theatre Royal, operated by Newman & Wright Theatre Company, brings the historic townsfolk to life in its wonderful productions. A must see when visiting Barkerville!

The Bonepicker: Gold Rush Backstories - A series of mini-documentaries telling the backstories, the hidden stories, the later stories of the men and women who made the British Columbia Cariboo Gold Rush and Barkerville such a significant part of their lives. 

Mountain Artists GuildPrescott, Arizona - Helping to keep art alive since 1949